At its simplest, Moana's is about love of the ocean and the mountains that surround it. Our founders were raised on a lifestyle of surfing and hiking, and when you grow up with the endless waves and trails that nature has graciously gifted us, you can't help but want to return the favor.

That's why we use sustainable eco-friendly materials—to do our part to protect the natural world. We source our wood from North American Cherry, which is both known for its strength and flexibility. And we use compostable materials when available. 

We started out selling our sunglasses through a kiosk at the Hilton Hawaii Village in Waikiki, but after some great feedback and suggestions from our customers, we decided to open a second location in Haleiwa. We've since decided to bring our product online so that everyone can enjoy them!

Our designs are created locally in Hawaii, and we're honored to donate to our local nonprofit charitable organizations. Check back here for updates on which orgs we donated to and how you can help! 

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